Montreal, Canada, January 24, 2024

New version of the Compare Partitions Utility Tool

Chrono-Logic, a leading developer of Change Management and Deployment (CMD) Solutions, is announcing a new version of their amazing Compare Partitions utility tool.


New Features


This new version includes much more details when comparing 2 LANSA partitions. Details now include not only if a definition exists in both partitions but also what are the differences between the 2 definitions in their respective partition. For example at the field level, all parameters (field length, number of decimals, column headings, description, default value, ...) are now compared and the report displays values of both partitions. All parameters are also now compared for files, logical files, system variables (for different LANSA systems), multilingual variables, processes, functions and Visual LANSA components. "It's an easy and very fast way to identify what has been, or not, promoted to Test, QA and Production environments. It's a great tool that helps manage order of project's promotion. It also can be used to clean up non-necessary definitions in al environments." says Ghislain Jacques, Vice President of Product Development. Partition Comparison can be executed between any 2 partitions (QA - Production, Test - QA, Development - Production, ...).


About Chrono-Logic


Chrono-Logic is an innovative software solution provider. Since 1998, Chrono-Logic has been developing productivity tools and change management solutions designed specifically for development teams using the IBM i Power System and deploying to multi-platforms. Chrono-Logic maintains close business relations with LANSA and LANSA product evolution. This ensures that Chrono-Logic delivers solutions that benefit from the full potential of every new feature and version of LANSA through state-of-the-art design and LANSA interoperability.


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