Montreal, Canada, August 22, 2009

Chrono-Logic Releases new product


Chrono-Logic, a leading developer of Change Management solutions and productivity tools, is announcing the general availability of iAM for Management. This new product provides IT Managers with the information needed to manage projects cost throughout the entire application development, maintenance, and distribution cycle. iAM for Management is completely integrated into the other Chrono-Logic products:  iAM for Development, iAM for Production, iAM Analyzer, iAM for Windows Deployment and iAM for End Users. iAM for Management can be used not only with Chrono-Logic’s products but with any other Change Management solution currently available on the market.


Normand Jacques, president of Chrono-Logic, said, “Chrono-Logic has been developing change management products for more than 10 years. In fact, our long-selling product, iAM for Development, which manages completely the IBM i, is now in its 7th version.”


He continued, “In today’s economic recession, it’s more important than ever to control a project’s cost. By using the appropriate products, IT managers will be able to control costs in application development and modernization projects. Because of Chrono-Logic’s experience in change management, we found it natural to provide a solution to manage these projects.”


iAM for Management provides a graphical interface and includes a variety of features that will improve the IT department’s productivity, including:

  • Management of Development and Maintenance projects with complete integration to Change Management
  • Workflow management, including e-mail confirmation
  • Time Tracking
  • Customer-defined values (drop-downs, check boxes, text, dates, employees, and so on)
  • Customer-defined reports for auditors
  • Customer-defined reports for managers
  • E-mail templates and mailing lists
  • Ability to download to Excel


Having recently completed its beta program, iAM for Management is now available for general release. Chrono-Logic offers interested parties full trial licenses and a TRY and BUY Program to test drive the software. The company is also opening its financing programs so that customers may select the financing most suitable to their budgets.


About Chrono-Logic


Since 1998, Chrono-Logic has developed productivity tools and change management solutions designed specifically for development teams using the IBM i Power System and deploying to multi-platforms. All solutions offered by Chrono-Logic are completely integrated to the internal structure of the IBM i, easily configurable and can be adapted to any environment.


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