Montreal, Canada, November 30, 2010

Chrono-Logic Announces iAM4EndUsers 3.0

Chrono-Logic, a leading developer of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and productivity tools, is announcing the general availability of iAM4EndUsers 3.0, which seamlessly automates the deployment of LANSA-based client/server applications to end user PCs.


A Seamless and Powerful Deployment Tool


Whenever System i sources or objects are promoted on the System i platform, associated DLLs and other Windows objects are immediately deployed to the end users’ PCs. Execution results from each PC are then returned to iAM for Development’s centralized PC inventory management. An online functionality displays a list of all Enhanced Program Changes (EPCs) that were installed on each PC. “iAM4EndUsers minimizes development and deployment teams’ workload by automating and integrating all the necessary steps,” commented Ghislain Jacques, vice president of product development.


New Features


New features include automated deployment of LANSA EPCs to the end users’ PCs, which upgrades all PCs at the same time to a newer LANSA release. Mr. Jacques adds that “deploying Visual LANSA client packages to 100, 500, or 1,000 end users is now greatly simplified, and iAM automation eliminates tedious manual steps and costly errors.”


About Chrono-Logic


Chrono-Logic is an innovative software solution provider. Since 1998, Chrono-Logic has been developing productivity tools and change management solutions designed specifically for development teams using the IBM i Power System and deploying to multi-platforms. Chrono-Logic maintains close business relations with LANSA and to LANSA’s product evolution. This ensures that Chrono-Logic delivers solutions that benefit from the full potential of every new feature and version of LANSA through state-of-the-art design and LANSA interoperability.


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