It Jungle - Alex Woodie , March 11, 2008

Chrono-Logic Updates Change Management Offering for LANSA

Organizations that use Chrono-Logic‘s iAM change management product to automate the deployment of its i5/OS-based applications created with LANSA development tools can now use iAM to deploy their Windows-based development efforts to Windows servers and PCs, the software company announced last week.


Chrono-Logic, which is based in Montreal, Canada, offers several tools designed to enhance the LANSA development experience. Chief among these is iAM for Development, a change management tool that automates many aspects of iSeries and Windows LANSA development, including: task tracking; version control; impact analysis; and roll-backs; and code promotion and distribution. The product integrates with several LANSA development environments, including LANSA for iSeries, LANSA for the Web, Visual LANSA (for Windows), and LANSA Integrator.


With the new release, iAM 2008, Chrono-Logic has bolstered its support for Windows environments by introducing automated creation of Visual LANSA packages for all types of Windows objects. The company has also added a new component to the iAM suite called iAM for End Users that that automates the deployment of client code to Windows desktops. By using iAM for End Users to automate the updating of client software for client-server systems in both System i and Windows server environments, organizations can save time and money, and reduce the risk of human error in this tedious task, Chrono-Logic says.


“Deployment is an important part of application lifecycle management,” says Ghislain Jacques, Chrono-Logic’s vice president of development, “and iAM 2008 does it all automatically, from the creation of iSeries and Windows packages to the concurrent deployment of these packages to iSeries and Windows servers and to end-user PCs.”


The new iAM 2008 suite offers full support for the latest release of LANSA’s iSeries, Windows, and Web tools, version 11 service pack 4 (SP4). (LANSA recently stopped using years to differentiate new versions of its products, and has gone back to the more traditional versioning system; see for the current supported LANSA tools.) All members of the iAM suite have been updated with iAM 2008, including iAM for Development, iAM for Production, iAM Analyzer, iAM for Visual LANSA, and iAM for Windows Deployment.


iAM 2008 is available immediately from Chrono-Logic. For more information and trial software, visit


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