iAM4 Analyzer
An on-line tool generating documentation of all IBMi cross references easily accessible by the entire development staff. The iAM4Analyzer software allows you to group libraries into your working environments for a comprehensive call stack analysis. The iAM4Analyzer will analyze files, and programs (and fields) and will display all cross references with a simple click. The iAM4Analyzer will display all cross references included in the select object as well as those referencing the selected object.

For example, select a file and instantly see all programs (RPG, RPGLE, Cobol, Cobol LE, CLP, CLLE, etc.) using this file. This tool also allows development staff to analyze hierarchical calling programs structure. For example, file A is used by RPG program B which is called by RPG program C which is called by CLP program D which is called by CLP program E and so on!

Just like the entire iAM4Analyzer software, this tool has a very fast payback as project estimate will be much more accurate as developers and analysts will be able to identify all impacts without missing any objects. Also, for IT departments hiring consultants, this tool will speed up their integration and make them fully operational in a much faster timeframe.

Uses - Cross references

Select a program and see everything itís using. Select one cross reference and see everything itís using also for up to 16 levels. You can easily display the entire call stack.
Uses by - Cross references

Select a file and see everywhere itís used. Select one of the resulting programs and see the entire call stack.