Software that manages LANSA-based application development and maintenance cycle and automates and secures promotion and deployment of sources and objects to multiple target environments, IBM i and Windows/Citrix servers, and End-Users` PCs.
Thatís how much time it will take you to verify these promotions! Use the iAM4LANSA software dashboard to verify status of all promotions. The iAM4LANSA software displays this information using green, yellow and red lights allowing you to rapidly analyze deployment status to all target environments, IBM i and Windows servers.
Thatís how much time you will spend promoting sources/objects! Request promotion and deployment of an unlimited number of sources/objects to multiple target environments, IBM i and Windows servers, and End-Usersí PCs in seconds with a simple click!


One week


The iAM4LANSA software manages everything on your IBM i: Green screen, Client/Server and WEB applications are all supported. LANSA and IBM i native sources and objects are supported. And optionally, Windows objects, can be added to projects and deploy to Windows servers and/or End-Usersí PCs in the same promotion processing as the IBM i sources and objects.
Thatís how fast you can be fully operational with the iAM4LANSA turnkey solution. Chrono-Logicís staff first installs the software on your IBM i and Windows/Citrix servers, and on End Usersí PCs. We then provide training to your systems managers and help them configure the iAM4LANSA software in order to manage all of your applications.

Chrono-Logicís staff then provides training to your entire development staff based on what they will be working with on a daily basis. So after one week, the iAM4LANSA software is fully operational.
The iAM4LANSA software has very flexible configuration facilities giving the possibility of defining an unlimited number of development processes and target IBM i and Windows servers while securing all related operations.